eyLog - The Early Years Log

At Sandhills Nurseries we have started to use eyLog to record the development of our children and inform next steps for practitioners and parents. We have a secure tablet in each room to take video, audio and stills, and parents and carers have a login so they can see and be involved with their child’s learning log.

Staff at Sandhills Day Nurseries love eyLog. It reduces paper work for practitioners so they can spend more time with the children. Parents are receiving more feedback, and the supervisors and managers are able to support staff with the quality of their observations and analysis more effectively than ever before.

We have received some lovely comments from parents regarding eyLog recently, which we wanted to share:

“I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this tool, a great investment by Sandhills. I love being able to log on at work and see what Edie and Maddie have done today – especially the daily reports and the pictures.
I also like being able to look at what they have been achieving against the scheme, as we couldn’t see this on an adhoc basis previously. “It’s going to be lovely to see how they develop over the next few years and look back at how they have changed. Thanks!”
Jane Smith

It has been a big initial investment with the tablets and the improvements necessary to our wireless Internet connections, as well as the training involved. We hope that when we have our next Ofsted inspections that it will be very clear where we have made a big difference to the children’s development, which we think they will like a lot!

Training and operations staff are also able to have an overview of different nurseries and compare them against each other so we expect to be able to focus our support more effectively too as the system becomes more embedded and we are able to be more specific in what they need and sharing best practice.

Other parents have said:

“The reports are a fantastic way to communicate with parents. We like the pictures taken during the day and comments on how she is progressing. When you have little involvements with pick ups it really helps to make you feel connected to the nursery. They are a fantastic addition and improvement.”
Paula Priest

"I believe it brings the parents closer to the child's learning journey thus bringing the parent closer to nursery. It's much easier to follow the progress as I receive updates on my phone through the app and emails."
Sam and Matt Holden

"It's fantastic, we love it. We love getting the notifications and it's great to see all the little things that she does and says."
Lucy Chilton

"It's a powerful tool for developing home and nursery links."
Anna Walters

"It's easier to access and we get alerted as soon as there is a new entry so we can check and see updates when we are at work which is great as we can see what Jake is up to."
Helen Smith

"I like the email updates and look forward to seeing the photographs and reading the comments about [our daughter's] development."
Claire Clews

If you would like to access the eylog parent pack then please click the link below: