Coronavirus: FAQs, Updates and Resources

FAQs and Updates

Many of you will have questions, especially concerning the payment of fees, during this current crisis with our nurseries being closed to all but key-workers children and children who are designated as vulnerable.

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions or potential questions on The Old Station Nursery website with our answers. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, but please bear with us whilst we try to manage our responses at this challenging time.

Parent Resources

The Old Station Nursery have also put together a parent resources page with a wealth of suggestions of simple and easy activities to do at home and in the garden. We hope to help you keep your little one busy and occupied with activities which will build on and continue to grow you child's ever developing knowledge, independence and confidence.

The parent resources include:

  • Healthy Body, Happy me: Activities focused on children's wellbeing
  • Reading with children: A selection of books and activities depending on age groups
  • Cooking and baking with children: A selection of sweet and savoury recipes to try with your child
  • Creating crafts with children: A range of craft activities depending on age groups
  • Exploring worksheets with children: A number of worksheets and resources depending on age
  • Outdoor learning with children: Activities focused on being outside
  • Videos for children: A range of videos including animated stories, yoga, dance and more
  • Sport, music and dance: Activities focused on keeping children active
  • Activities for older siblings: A few suggestions to keep older children occupied