Sandhills Day Nursery is an outstanding childcare provider

Parent Information

Sandhills Day Nurseries aims to work in partnership with parents/carers to settle the child into the group environment to ensure they feel safe, secure and comfortable with staff and their surroundings.

We aim to give consideration to the individual needs of children and families and give confidence to parents, enabling them to feel comfortable so that the needs of their child will be met.

Information will be provided to parents through a variety of media, including: parent notice board, policies and procedures, information sessions, newsletters, parents evening, eylog app and individual meetings.

Following enrolment, children and parents/carers will be invited to visit for ‘settling in’ sessions.

A key person will be allocated to each child and the family prior to the child starting Nursery (or after a period of the child settling in, depending on what meets the needs of the individual child).

The ‘settling in’ sessions will be used to introduce the key person, gain as much information about the child, complete registration forms, and introduce the child and parents/carers to the policies and procedures of the Nursery.

Parents will be invited to join their child for short ‘settling in’ sessions and then leave child/ren for short sessions.

On their first session the child/ren will be introduced to the staff members, to other children and shown around the rooms in the Nursery.

Parents will be encouraged to say goodbye to their child, and it will be explained that they will be coming back at the end of the session.

Children will be comforted if they become distressed.

Regular discussion will take place with parents around their child’s progress and how their child is settling in. These will be based on relationships with staff and peers, participation in activities, familiarity with routines and the whereabouts of resources and equipment.

Requirements for your child’s first day:
  • Nappies/wipes and creams to be applied
  • Bottle/beaker/cup for drinking
  • Spare change of clothes (labelled)
  • Flannel and sleep sheet/blanket (labelled)
The Nursery will provide:
  • Spare beakers and cups
  • Plates
  • Cutlery
  • Spare clothes
  • Cots/sleep mats
  • Bedding
  • Bibs
  • Snack (am and pm)

Sandhills Day Nurseries recognises that some children settle more easily than others and strive to recognise and meet the needs of all children and families.