What does the Ofsted grading mean?

Sandhills Day Nurseries is an Outstanding Provider – Within the last 4 years, at 4 of our settings, we have achieved Outstanding in our OFSTED inspections! At our most recent inspection at Sandhills Alvechurch, the inspector said that our “leaders are driven to maintain the excellent standards”.

So what does it mean to be judged as Outstanding?

“Outstanding is a challenging and exacting judgement. In order to reach this standard, inspectors will determine whether the early years provision meets all the criteria set out under ‘good’ for that judgement and does so securely and consistently. In other words, it is not enough that the provision is strong against some aspects of the judgement and not against others: it must meet each and every criterion. In addition, there are further criteria set out under the outstanding judgement, all of which the provision will also need to meet. Provision should only be judged ‘outstanding’ in a particular area if it is performing exceptionally, and this exceptional performance in that area is consistent and secure across the whole provision.” (Early Years Inspection Handbook, September 2019)

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