At Sandhills Day Nursery Sustainability Matters

Sandhills Day Nursery Wolverhampton, catering for more than 100 children aged between six weeks to four years, is becoming sustainable and more environmentally friendly and. Our nursery is following the world-renowned Reggio-style of education prides itself on being unique to many of its ethos and the way it operates. We all have a part to play in ensuring that our world is sustainable and fit for future generations. Therefore, as an early years professional, we are starting to reflect this on our practice and teaching children about looking after our environment through their own investigations.

The Reggio Emilia approach is known for regarding the environment as the ‘third teacher’ and here at Sandhills, Wolverhampton our rooms have materials that are easily accessible, uncluttered and inviting. The staff work with the indoor and outdoor environment to ensure the space children use is a source of learning opportunity.

Recently, Sandhills Day Nursery became a plastic free nursery introducing natural resources into the learning environment, replacing colourful plastic toys with sustainable wood. Many of the day to day fun items that the children use to play and learn with are made from recycled materials or natural products. Wooden or natural resources are great for imaginative play and stimulating senses as it encourages children to think creatively and improve their problem-solving skills. It also offers children the opportunity to make comments and ask questions making them curious and develop a deeper knowledge of their environment. Also, crucial to the Reggio Emilia vision, Sandhills Wolverhampton not only appreciates that its surroundings and capabilities are unique, but also the development and interests of each individual child.

Our fantastic new purpose built private nursery in Lower Penn is run with the environment in mind with and more than 90 per cent of its heating and lighting is provided by solar panels on the roof whilst the nursery is also currently working on a programme to harvest and recycle rainwater. The building has been insulated to the highest standards with energy efficient windows and underfloor heating in all our rooms and corridors.

Sandhills owner, Dal Basra says “Everything is done to keep the building running efficiently and with as little impact as possible on the environment.”

The children at our nursery are the next generation, therefore to create lasting change and survival it is vital to teach them how to look after and respect the planet – as they can make a difference.”

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