Sandhills Alvechurch is rated as outstanding by OFSTED again!

We are extremely proud to announce that on 16th August 2019 we were inspected by our regulatory body OFSTED at Sandhills Alvechurch and were judged as Outstanding again!! Read the full report here.

The inspector observed the quality of teaching, both indoors and outdoors, spoke with our team, children and parents and looked at all relevant documentation during the day and found that the “mutual pursuit for excellence shared by the whole staff team leads to outstanding outcomes for children”.

During her observations, taken both on her own and with our Manager Bev, our team demonstrated that their “teaching is excellent” and that they “ensure each child receives high levels of emotional support to help them join in. Even the youngest children show excellent levels of motivation and engagement during activities.” Children were seen using “fabric, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and chairs to create their tent, campfire, train and tunnels. They were completely absorbed in their dramatic play and staff sensitively extended their ideas.”

When exploring how we ensure the suitability of our staff team with Bev and the Nursery Owners, the inspector was impressed with the settings “extensive recruitment, vetting and induction procedures that ensure all staff are suitable and new staff are inducted successfully.” She also found that they “attribute their continued success to the excellent professional development opportunities and support for all new staff.” The staff team proved the benefits of this, by demonstrating their extensive knowledge on subjects such as safeguarding and how they “prioritise teaching children about keeping safe.” It was also clear that they “place an excellent focus on promoting children’s good mental health. For example, children learn that exercise and relaxation is good for their well-being.” And that, “staff are very knowledgeable about how to support children’s early writing skills from a very young age.”

The highlight of the inspection were our children, who were keen to demonstrate what they have learnt during their time at Sandhills Alvechurch, with the inspector identifying that “the pre-school children excel in their mathematical and literacy learning and that all children make consistently high rates of progress from their starting points in preparation for school.”

Well done to our Bev, Lucy and their team at Sandhills Alvechurch for maintaining the excellent standards and achieving such a well-deserved outcome.

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