Welcome to Sandhills
Day Nurseries,

the Midlands leading Nursery Provider.

Sandhills Day Nurseries, are all about giving your child the “best start in life”.

As parents, you will be assured that when you leave your child for the day, you have complete peace of mind knowing that they will be safe with warm, caring staff, who will treat them as an individual.

We guarantee that your child will have a fresh, nutritious meal cooked on site. When you return at the end of the day, you will be greeted by polite, friendly staff, who cannot wait to tell you about the exciting day your child has had at nursery.

We are extremely proud to be part of The Old Station Nursery group and fully embody their core values of togetherness, openness, community, energy, excellence and being inclusive. Together, as a collective group of 19 settings around the country, we work as a community to share knowledge and best practice; to inspire one another; and to ensure that we continue to innovate the ways in which we provide the highest standard of care to all children.

Our OFSTED reports, demonstrate that we continue to provide children with a safe, secure and an educationally rich environment, in which they can thrive and grow.

To appreciate our nurseries and see what we have to offer; parents are encouraged to meet our staff and explore the facilities.